Interoute Virtual Data Centre Legal

On this page you can find the terms and conditions which are applicable to online orders, unless you have signed up to a specific Master Services agreement with Interoute.

Interoute’s online store enables the Customer to access or purchase Interoute and non-Interoute products, subject to the following terms, in addition to Interoute Web Terms or the signed MSA as applicable together with any applicable Additional Terms.

In case of conflict or inconsistency, the following order of precedence shall apply:

  1. The Online Ordering Terms below;
  2. The Additional Terms applicable to the specific Service(s) purchased as listed below; and
  3. The Web Terms below or signed MSA as applicable.

Online Ordering Terms

Schedule 2N - Additional Terms for Virtual Data Centre Service

VDC Definitions Annex to Schedule 2N

VDC Managed Operations Annex to Schedule 2N (managed IaaS)

VDC Self-Care Operations Annex to Schedule 2N (self service IaaS)

VDC SLA Annex to Schedule 2N

Interoute Web Terms applicable as from 23 October 2014

Acceptable use policy