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Support Overview

The Interoute VDC platform offers an IaaS cloud environment, uniquely integrating global private networks and Virtual Data Centre Zones around the globe. The capabilities of the platform can be found in the Technical Datasheet.

Interoute offers several tiers of support options for Virtual Data Centre customers, enabling access to cloud services for almost any level of technical ability and also allows customers to take advantage of different tiers of support for the needs of different environments, such as test and development, pre-production and production platforms.

VDC Self Care provides support for the Virtual Data Centre platform, leaving delivery and support of virtual infrastructure to the Customer. VDC Assist augments the Self Care service, by providing options for assistance with the delivery and support of virtual infrastructure components and API.  VDC Managed provides a managed operations service for delivery and operation of virtual server operating systems, storage, firewall and load balancing configurations, networking setups and can also be extended into application and database support.


VDC Self Care

VDC Self Care is the baseline self-service support level for Interoute VDC. Interoute provides an on-demand infrastructure product, which is implemented and supported by the customer using the user interface, API and tools provided by Interoute. Interoute provides user documentation, “how to” guides, and white papers in our Resource Centre (which can be found in the menu at the top of this page) as well as Live Chat.

Live Chat Is an instant messaging service for advice and assistance with VDC, staffed by Interoute engineers Interoute provides 24/365 support for the VDC platform that provides the virtual hardware for the customer’s deployment as well as support for the VDC user interface. Interoute does not provide support for services deployed on VDC, those remain the responsibility of the customer.


VDC Assist

VDC Assist provides implementation and operational assistance functions and is designed to augment the customer’s technical expertise for creating and maintaining resources in the customer's VDC. VDC Assist provides two options for services.

VDC Assist: Implementation assistance

VDC Assist offers pre-packaged professional services such as building virtual architectures of virtual machines, networks and storage volumes to support particular use cases (for example, web server clusters or database clusters).

VDC Assist: Operational assistance

VDC Assist offers assistance with day-to-day operation of the Virtual Data Centre platform, through access to VDC specialists available during business hours. Customers may choose from token-based assistance, subject to a capped number of requests that can be made per month or an unlimited service, with an uncapped number of requests and prioritised assistance.


VDC Managed

VDC Managed provides a managed implementation of virtual machines, networks and storage. In addition Interoute support the day-to-day operation of these elements by providing monitoring of server connectivity, operating system administration, and infrastructure capacity, according to an agreed pre-defined schedule. Interoute maintains the environment by implementing system update patches, anti-virus updates, and managed system and data backup. Incident management is provided to restore data and recover VMs to the state of a standard Interoute build plus any changes that have been made to the system state.


Managed Web, Application & Databases Services

The VDC Managed service can be extended to cover Application Servers and Databases operating in the Interoute VDC environment or can be taken as a stand-alone service for Interoute VDC Self Care customers. The portfolio includes web, application and database servers from Microsoft, Oracle and the open-source community. Our position as both an Oracle Premier and Microsoft Gold partner complements our open source capability to provide a comprehensive set of services to our customers, backed by the vendors. In addition our support teams hold an impressive range of certifications including MCIPT, MCTS, MCDBA, MCP, MCSE, OCP, OCA and OCM.


Service Levels Overview

Service Feature

VDC Self Care

VDC Managed

Live Chat

Monday - Friday 09:00-19:00 CET

Not required –
managed by Interoute

Platform Support

OS Support

Support Hours


Backup Recovery Point Objective (Note 1)

24 hours

Backup Recovery Time Objective (Note 2)

2 hours +1 hour per 50GB of data recovered

EBS Snapshot recovery

4 hours RTO (Note 2)


Note 1: Recovery Point Objective or RPO is the point in time of the last backup (or snapshot) and reflects the maximum amount of data loss due to the time intervals between backups.
Note 2: Recovery Time Objective or RTO is the time required to recover to the most recent recovery point backup or snapshot.


Severity and Support Response Times

For detailed information on service levels and obligations, please see the appropriate legal schedule.



Initial Response (Note 1)

Interoute Action3

Customer Requirement

Self Care



Critical loss or degradation of service

Not available

<1 hour

Continuous effort 24/7

Named contact;

Allocation of technical resources 24/7 during action


Moderate loss or degradation of service

(Services impaired but working)

<4 hours

<2 hours

Continuous effort 24/7 or 0800-1800 CET, according to customer request

Named contact;

Allocation of technical resources 24/7 or 0800-1800 CET during action (according to customer request)


Minor impact to services

(Services generally functioning)

<8 hours

<4 hours

0800-1800 CET effort

Named contact


Question or request

<48 hours  (Note 2)


Named contact

Note 1: Interoute may downgrade the severity level if the customer does not provide adequate resources or responses to enable Interoute to continue with the resolution process
Note 2: P4 requests are only handled Monday to Friday, between 09:00-19:00 CET.