Getting started with Interoute VDC

Watch our videos to see step-by-step how to start using Virtual Data Centre. Within minutes, you can create virtual machines and network them together on a global scale using private high-performance networks. Add high-capacity Internet access wherever it is required, with full firewall control over ports and protocols.

The free trial provides full access to all of the 15 VDC zones in Europe and North America, so you can test the capabilities of VDC's global networking.

In VDC, there are no charges for network data transfers, whether using private networks between zones or transfers to/from the Internet. You only pay for compute and storage resources.


Virtual Machines


Creating a Windows Virtual Machine

Learn how to deploy your first Windows Server in VDC.

Creating a Linux Virtual Machine

Learn how to deploy your first Ubuntu Linux server in VDC.



Configuring Networks and Firewalls for Internet Access

Discover the power and flexibility of VDC's virtualised network functions.