Virtual Data Centre Pricing


Pricing Models

The Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) service is available in two commercial models: Utility and Committed. Pricing of the service is broken down into constituent Service Resources including vCPU, RAM, storage and software license resources. Pricing of network connectivity is easy, as the cost of network is zero except for the most extreme circumstances where fair usage limits are exceeded (please refer to Schedule 2N for details).



Utility Service


Rates & Charges

Utility rates are used for “zero commit” based on pay as you go charging; each Service Resource has a charge per hour, per unit of resource.

The customer is then charged at the end of the month based on the customers’ total use of Service Resources, factoring in quantity and number of hours. (The minimum charged use time for any resource is 1 hour.) 



Volume discounts are applied to monthly charges, but excluding the charges for third party products such as software licenses and vendor support packages. The discount bands are as follows:




Committed Service



Committed services provide a lower cost option for predictable use of resources over longer periods, where discounts are applied on the equivalent Utility use for both the term and the volume of commitment. Committed services offer greater budget predictability; any excess use of VDC in a month will be charged as Utility service. 

Any additional uncommitted use for “burst” is charged as a Utility service and will qualify for monthly spend discounts within the Utility model.



The following volume and term discounts are applied to charges, excluding those for third party products such as software licenses and vendor support packages:

For contract terms longer than 12 months, please contact us



Rate Cards



Software Licences & Software Subscriptions

For details on licensing rules for core based licensing and Subscriber Access Licensing (SAL) for Microsoft products please see


VDC Managed (Operations Management)