Why Cloud Infrastructure Services hold the key to Delivering New Opportunities for the Business in 2014 - A CIO’s Guide

As market conditions have become more volatile, IT departments have come under new pressure to visibly add value to the business, by driving out cost and enabling step changes in efficiency and productivity.It is in this context that cloud-based infrastructure services are rising up the CIO’s agenda. This white paper explores the growing sophistication of enterprise-class cloud-based infrastructure services, and the ways that CIOs can now draw on these options to reassert their authority as architects of business-enabling technology. Fulfilling this role also allows CIOs to make space in their agendas for more strategic thinking, by reducing the time they need to devote to servicing their underlying IT infrastructure. Certainly, if IT departments are to become the value-added service provider and influencer to the business that is now required, something has got to give.