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Using the CloudStore to deploy a new virtual machine that will run vTools services
The vTools management interface
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vTools is a suite of tools for monitoring and maintaining the virtual machines in your VDC.

vTools has four component services:

  • Backup of your VMs: with full and differential backups, and comprehensive, automated backup schedules;

  • Monitoring VM status based on user-set alerts for usage of CPU, memory, connectivity, etc.;

  • Patching private server for Windows VMs;

  • Anti-virus service (Windows VMs only) .

vTools is currently available for Windows server VMs, and Red Hat (RHEL) Linux version 6. vTools services are provided free of charge, however the use of backup storage is charged on a per unit basis.

Currently, vTools services need to be added to your VM when you buy and deploy a new VM in the CloudStore. Currently available are:

It is not currently possible to retrospectively add vTools to an existing VM.

Currently, there is no centralised monitoring or update control for the Anti-virus and Patching services.

Using the CloudStore to deploy a new virtual machine that will run vTools services

If you already have an active VDC account, and you want to add a server to the same account, sign in to the CloudStore with your VDC username (and select the required account, if you have more than one).

Starting from one of the product links above, click the Buy now button to begin deployment of a new server VM, or multiple VMs with the same configuration.

First, configure your VM's service offering, the CPU and RAM:

CPU: the number of virtual CPUs

RAM: the amount of virtual RAM

Servers is the number of VMs that you want to deploy; all will have the same configuration and deploy in the same zone.

Add more disk space (optional): Enter the size of an optional secondary 'data disk' volume. Your VM operating system will run on a 60 GB root disk (for Windows), and 10 GB (for Linux), which you may also use for data although this is not recommended as there is no native support for data backup or data recovery for root disks.

Where do you want your Virtual Server(s)?: select the VDC zone for the virtual machine(s) from the list of locations.

Add our amazing productivity tools: To use vTools in a VDC zone requires a dedicated 'vTools management network' in the zone, which must have a unique 'CIDR' (IP range) among the private networks in your VDC. The first suggested network should be appropriate for most users. If you do need to set a specific CIDR, tick the Custom Network box and enter your required CIDR.

The 'Solution Cost' calculator shows the combined total monthly cost for the VM(s). (Monthly Cost = Unit Cost times 24 times 365 divided by 12.)

In the Port forwarding section, you need to enter name(s) for your VM(s), or tick Use default name to use default values.

It is optional to turn on port-forwarding or load balancing for your VM(s).

At this point, you can review all of your configuration choices, and then press the Deploy VM button to complete the CloudStore ordering process. You may need to tick several boxes to indicate your agreement with the terms and conditions for operating systems and other software. You will be able to change the configuration of your VM from its initial settings later by using the VDC Control Centre or the VDC API.

If you are already a VDC customer, your order will be processed immediately and the new VM costs (and OS license costs for Windows or RHEL) will be added to your future monthly bills. Your VM will be deployed and ready to use within a few minutes. If you are not yet a VDC customer, you will need to sign up for a VDC account before the order can be completed.

The vTools management interface

You can access the vTools management interface from the My Services portal Click the Products menu and select VDC 2.0. vTools should appear as a tab within the window labelled 'VDC 2.0'. Alternatively, use the 'VDC 2.0' tile by clicking the 'VDC 2.0' heading to open the VDC window. If the tile is not open on your dashboard, click Add tile at the bottom of the window and choose VDC 2.0.

The interface shows the list of the virtual machines in your VDC that are subscribed to the vTools services. The VM name, Zone, and 'vTools IP' (address of the VM on a vTools network) are shown, and the machine status for the vTools Monitoring service.

The list order of the VMs can be modified by clicking the different column headings. The up arrow indicates ascending order, and down arrow descending order. The Zone heading has a selection box to list VMs from only one zone.

vTools activity for each VM is indicated by the following symbols:

  • question mark in a blue circle: monitoring information is not available, or the VM may be not accessible. If you hover the mouse over the icon, the error message(s) will be shown in a tool tip.

  • Green tick: the VM is responding to vTools Monitoring requests and no warning or critical alarms have been detected.

  • Yellow exclamation: a warning alarm has triggered.

  • Red cross: a critical alarm has triggered.

Hover over the yellow or red symbol to see a description of the alarm(s). If there are multiple alarms that have triggered, the icon will reflect the worst alarm.

To view or modify the service status of a VM, click the spanner button for that vTools service.

Further information

For details of the different vTools services, see the following pages:


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