VDC Windows Licensing


In order to use Microsoft software with the Interoute VDC platform, the required licensing must be rented – this is usually done by Interoute and charged to the customer monthly, in arrears.

There are certain conditions under which a customer may be eligible to use their own volume licensing – see License Mobility, below. The Microsoft Windows operating system itself, however, is specifically excluded from any such conditions and must always be rented through Interoute. Currently there are no circumstances under which Microsoft permit a desktop operating system (e.g. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8) to be licensed on VDC.

To remain legitimately licensed by Microsoft, Interoute requires customers to adhere to certain rules regarding the use of Microsoft software on the VDC Platform - this document offers guidance on those rules:


Microsoft Windows

Interoute has made available to customers certain editions and versions of the Microsoft Windows Server operating system in the form of standard images that can be deployed into a customer’s VDC. These images are licensed through Microsoft and their usage will incur a charge, usually monthly in-arrears.

For a current list of available Windows images, see the VDC Microsoft Windows Images list.
See the current rate card for Windows usage charges.

No other images containing Microsoft software are authorised or licensed by Interoute and must not be deployed on the Interoute VDC platform without prior approval.


Microsoft Applications

In order to be used on the VDC platform, Microsoft applications must be rented from Interoute.


License Mobility

It is also possible, via Microsoft’s License Mobility Through Software Assurance program, for customers to bring their own existing volume-licensing for certain server applications into VDC – depending on the product and the volume licensing program that the customer has with Microsoft. Some of the products generally available for licensing mobility are listed below:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Lync Server
  • Microsoft System Center Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server

Further details of the License Mobility program can be found on the Microsoft Volume Licencing Website Microsoft Volume Licensing web site.


Submit a License Verification Form

In summary, to make use of License Mobility, a customer must complete a series of steps, including submitting a License Verification Form to their channel partner or Microsoft account manager. This form, available on the Microsoft Volume Licensing website, must be submitted to Microsoft within 10 days of application deployment.

In the Authorized Mobility Partner Information section of the form, the following details should be entered:

Authorized Mobility Partner Name: Interoute USA Inc
Authorized Mobility Partner Website URL: http://www.interoute.com
Authorized Mobility Partner Email Address: licensing@interoute.com

Once submitted, Microsoft will confirm eligibility and communicate the verification status to the customer and to Interoute.


Verified Customer License Usage

Once verified for use on the Interoute VDC platform, responsibility for maintaining these verified applications under licensing compliance with Microsoft passes to the customer, who agrees the following:

"Microsoft allows Volume Licensing customers to deploy certain Microsoft products into our shared environments with License Mobility through Software Assurance. Any Microsoft Volume Licensing customer who has eligible application server licenses covered with active Software Assurance can elect to use License Mobility through Software Assurance. A customer’s application server licenses can be assigned to run server instances on shared hardware in a service provider’s datacenter. However, while sharing hardware, such server instances must be dedicated to that single customer, and cannot be shared with other customers.
Only eligible products covered with active Software Assurance can be deployed through License Mobility through Software Assurance. To see which products are eligible, see the ‘Software Assurance Benefits’ section in the Microsoft Product Use Rights (PUR) at http://www.microsoft.com/licensing/about-licensing/product-licensing.aspx. This section of the PUR contains additional information and the rights specific to License Mobility through Software Assurance. 
You will need to verify your licenses for eligibility to exercise the License Mobility through Software Assurance rights. To start the verification process and review additional details on License Mobility through Software Assurance, go to:
Note: Applications verified for deployment into the Interoute VDC platform under a customer’s own volume licensing agreements are required, by Microsoft, to remain assigned to that platform for a minimum of 90 days. 


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