Service Groups

Service Groups is a feature that can be used as a managing tool to assign a User to a specific Service Group, thus assign only relevant services to a particular User (acts as a filter). A User can be assigned to many Service Groups but only once for a specific service. 
Navigate to the User Account located on the top-right corner of the Home screen and click on User Manager. ”Admin Control Panel” overlay window is displayed (Figure 2). 
Click on the Service Groups Tab. 
From the Service Groups tab, it is possible to:
  1. Create a new Service Group
  2. Assign users to a Service Group
  3. Edit an existing Service Group
  4. Delete an existing Service Group 

Create a new Service Group

Click on the  button to open New Service Group window and type a name and description. Each Service Group’s name must be unique. Click on the “Add Group” button to create the Service Group. 
Choose the services to be added to the Service Group from the “Set Services” window by ticking on them and save your choice by clicking on “Save Services” button.

Assign users to a Service Group 

After you created a Service Group you need to assign Users to it. In order to do so, click on the  icon. 
The “Assign Users to Service Group” window will display all of the Users. You can assign Users individually by clicking the  icon after you highlight a User (by clicking on it with the mouse) or assign all the Users  .
Click on  and  to perform the same operations when un-assigning users from the service group. You can also search for a particular user by using the integrated search bar.
Click on “Assign currently selected users” button to assign the selected Users to the Service Group. 


Edit an Existing Service Group 

To edit a Service Group click on the .
 Click on the “Set Services” window to edit the services assigned to a User. 
The “Set Services” windows show all the services currently being applied to the Service Group. Click on the “Show More Services” button to view all available services. After applying the desired change click on “Save Changes” button to save the changes you made. 

Delete an Existing Service Group 

To delete a Service Group click on the  icon.
Confirm whether you want to delete the Service Group. 



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