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Network Prerequisites:

Telephone/PSTN Access:

  • Telephone numbers valid for access are listed in the "Information" tab for One Bridge service in the MyServices portal.  When using the Outlook plugin these telephone numbers will be automatically populated in the meeting invite message body.
  • Customers subscribing to the "Shared" telephone number pool are provided an Administrator's document that contains the list of the shared telephone numbers on service handover.  Additional copies of this document are available by contacting support.


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Creating Meeting Invites:

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Outlook Plugin Downloads (Current Version)

v1.5.0.17 for 32-bit MS Office for Windows (.msi)

v1.5.0.17 for 64-bit MS Office for Windows (.msi)

Note 1: To quickly find out whether the version of Office installed is 32-bit or 64-bit, open an Office application, go to "File" then "Account" then "About".  At the top right of the window it will state whether the application is 32-bit or 64-bit. Download and install the .msi to match.

Note 2: Customers that have ordered a branded version of the plugin should not use the links above and should intead request a copy by contacting support.

Outlook Plugin Downloads (Previous Versions - available on request)

Troubleshooting Tools

Bandwidth Testing

Outlook Plugin Test Utility (.zip)



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