My Services Release Notes

25th May

  • Tickets: Internal tickets will not be displayed in MyServices.
  • VVN: The issue has been fixed and users can now view the VVN advanced reports.
  • IP Schedule Reports:

    1. Interoute admin users can now subscribe for the reports.
    2. User can now update reports only when they are saving the latest version.
    3. Refactoring of the code.


11th May

  • Requests: Users can now choose to view either Friendly name or Service ID in Requests list and Request Tile.
  • Networks / DDI & Trunk Capacity: Relative date picker restriction has been removed from custom date pickers.
  • Contacts: Users can add names with two characters in Last name.
  • Incidents / Request: Tool tip displays either SID or Friendly name depending on user preference in the SID/Friendly name column.
  • Account: Invalid accounts in My Services would result in an error page causing users to be stuck in a loop. These accounts have now been filtered out from the Select account drop down.
  • IP Schedule Reports:

    1. Adding customer name to the email with IP Schedule report links.
    2. New look to the PDF.


4th May

  • Incidents: Users can now choose to view either Friendly name or SID in Incident list and Incident Tile.
  • IP Schedule Reports: Interoute Admin users can now schedule IP Reports that are sent in the form of PDF's.


28th March

  • Object Storage:

    1. New Region DE region along with two policies are now supported.
    2. Polices were updated for existing regions.


16th March

  • Object Storage:

    1. New Region Switzerland along with two policies are now supported.
    2. Interoute users can now be added to the permissions both at bucket and Object level.


7th March

  • Object Storage: Customers can now remove the permissions to view Object Storage from User Manager.
  • Edit Accounts: The Edit account form has been redesigned using Bootstrap library.
  • Orders: Filters in the combo is now displayed correctly.
  • VDC Billing: VDCBilling server is now changed from old vdc1 billing server to the new vdc2.
  • Login Page: Link for ‘Read your FAQ’ now opens on a new page.
  • Incidents: User can now filter the Incident Types by ‘Emergency planned work’.
  • User Manager:

    1. Warning message is displayed when user with the same is email id is added twice.
    2. The UI issue for activate/deactivate link is now fixed.


22nd February

  • Tickets: Now the tickets without the SID’s are visible in MyServices.
  • Password: We now send plain text when User password is reset from User Manager.
  • Service Group: New Service group button is now fixed.
  • CloudStore Link: SSO is not working between MyServices and CloudStore.
  • Request: The list automatically refreshes and the new Request is visible on the top of the list.
  • Object Storage: Object storage policy is now updated.


16th February

  • SSO: SSO issue has now been fixed, user is now able to navigate from Myservices to Cloudstore without having to login.


9th February

  • Object Storage: Changed the Object Storage policy mapping.
  • Production Bug: The application was really slow and kept timing out. This issue has now been resolved.


31st January 2017

  • Incidents:

    1. User can now open/access any Incident detail page just by providing the URL with the ticket number.
    2. Users will now only be able to view/create tickets with the SID’s they have been assigned in the Service group.
  • Requests:

    1. Users will now only be able to view/create tickets with the SID’s they have been assigned in the Service group.
    2. User can now open/access any Request detail page just by providing the URL with the ticket number.
  • Password Notification Email: Formatting of the email has been changed making it more secure.
  • IP Reports: All /myservices/ in *.js in IPReports is replaced by config "appPath" to improve the performance.
  • Select Account: BootStrap was implemented to enhance this feature.


24th January 2017

  • IP Reports: Service group cache (used in IP reports,IP SLA) now works even without Services/View permission.


23rd January 2017

  • Unlock Button: Resolved the bug where the unlock button was missing in User Manager.
  • Request Ticket: Bug fixed for Noris network AG where some request tickets were missing.


12th January 2017

  • IP Reports: The billing history is now updated in W4n so that the data is displayed correctly in MyServices.
  • Interoute One Bridge: UI changes were made to enhance Interoute One Bridge.
  • Object Storage: Fixed the incorrect layout issues with JavaScript.
  • Request API: Users are now able to create new reports using API.
  • Incident API: All type of validation was added to API while retrieving data through API.
  • MyServices Configuration: All configuration from web.config are now retrieved via ConfigHelper class.
  • Request API: Comment and attachment details can be retrieved using API.
  • VVN Capacity Reports: A label is added to inform customer that these reports are displayed in UTC.
  • Interoute One Bridge: The guide link now opens in a new Window.
  • SSO: SSO token with empty resource will be accepted as "~/".
  • Interoute One Bridge: Graphical layout was updated.
  • IP: Service group retraction in W4n (IP Reports/IP SLA).
  • Request API: All types of validation was added to API while retrieving data through API.


29th November 2016

  • MyServices Update: New version of entity framework.
  • API Tickets: Username and password authorisation was added to incident API.
  • IP: IPReporting and IP/SLA is now using UTC.
  • Object Stroage: A bug fix for uploading file in bucket.
  • Container Services: VDC2.0/Container Services is hidden from customer who do not have this service.
  • IP Reports: Refactoring the IPReportsController to enhance the IP reports.
  • IAM GEM: When users select OS Services/Databases detailed information is now provided to them.
  • Object Storage: A clearer description and information is provided on the homepage.


4th October 2016

  • IAM: User will now be able to have customised reports and access the Pdf's for the reports.
  • Tiles: Issue for some browser/resolutions refreshing tiles constantly was fixed.
  • Hub: Missing Old Hub users are now visible in My Services.
  • UI Issue: Random invalid text displayed between screens have been removed giving a better user experience.


17th September 2015

  • IP Reports: Improved performance for IP Reports
  • Users: Users who lock their accounts out on their first login attempt can now be unlocked from within the User Manager (bug)


15th September 2015

  • Interoute One Bridge: New features added (updated reports & new Outlook plugin)


8th September 2015

  • Interoute One Bridge: New email field in VMR details and PIN length validation


3rd September 2015

  • Requests: Duplicate attachments with the same name are now allowed


27th August 2015

  • IP Reporting: Broken page layout fixed in IE8
  • Incidents: Additional security in Incident tickets
  • Users: Additional security feature – users who have not logged in for 6 months are automatically locked out, but can be unlocked from the User Manager page


29th July 2015

  • User Management: The unlock icon is now only displayed for users which are currently locked out. This means that it is easy to identify which users are locked out and can be attended to by the admin, where applicable. The users are still able to unlock their account by resetting their password at the login page.
  • Requests: You can now search the ticket list using the SID friendly names.
  • Tickets: The bug which affected SID searching, during ticket creation, when Incidents and Requests were both opened at the same time has been resolved.
  • Hosting Device Reports: Formatting issue with selecting the dates has been resolved
  • Hosting Backup Reports: Formatting issues with selecting the dates has been resolved


23rd July 2015

  • Tickets: Further improvements to allow more national characters in tickets.


21th July 2015

  • User Manager: There is now the option to not send the My Services welcome email when creating new users.
  • IP Reporting: Formatting bug with the table has been resolved.
  • IP SLA: Formatting bug with the date picker has been resolved.


17th July 2015

  • Incidents: Further improvements to the ticket field validation which will increase the reliability of creating tickets. Specifically around characters used in the description section
  • Incidents: Improved performance. The tickets detail page loads much faster now.
  • Tickets: Fixed the bug where deleted attachments are still shown in the portal.
  • VVN Routing Snapshots: Dial plan exporting issue was resolved.


15th July 2015

  • VDC UI: Resolved the intermittent bug which caused the login to timeout (mainly affecting Firefox users)


8th July 2015

  • Network. Network overlay is quicker to load
  • Tickets. SID search was improved.
  • Requests. Maximum length validation of fields was added. Requests which had ‘Error’ status because of this issue now cannot be created.
  • Support documents. Deleting file bug was fixed.
  • IP reporting. Missing availability data issue was fixed.
  • IP reporting. Start date validation was added.
  • Hosting. Improved performance when accessing the hosting data.


7th July 2015

  • Performance: Login is speed is improved. Removed the runtime errors.
  • Login: Fixed the bug where the dashboard opens without any tiles


25th June 2015

  • Requests. Workflow of submitting a Request was improved. Now users just need to select the SID as in Incidents. Service type and subtype are autocompleted depending on the selected SID.


18th June 2015

  • Feedback pop-up. Users are able to share their feedback about MyServices
  • Device reports. Terminated devices are no longer displayed
  • Tickets. Comment field validation


12th June 2015

  • IP SLA. Jitter graphs are combined and users are able to select and deselect them
  • Incidents. Contact is added automatically only once
  • Incidents. Text formatting  issue was fixed


11th June 2015

  • VDC: Bug which restricted the VM view to just 20 servers by default has been fixed
  • VDC: Quick View function for VMs is available now
  • VDC: Additional network status is available for new networks still under provision. Sometimes the provisioning of networks can take a few minutes and now there is a warning icon which is displayed until it has been completed.
  • VDC: Virtual machine snapshot bug resolved


10th June 2015

  • Requests: The list of Request tickets is refreshed automatically after submitting a new request. This means that the user does not have to do it and the ticket details will show up quicker in the users display.
  • Incidents:  The list of Incident tickets is refreshed automatically after submitting a new incident. This means that the user does not have to do it and the ticket details will show up quicker in the users display.
  • DDoS: The bug in the Alerts page was fixed, removing the error which caused the page to sometimes not be found


5th June 2015

  • Requests: New comments are immediately added, without needing to refresh.
  • Hosting Device Reports:  The report history now updates automatically, saving the latest reports.
  • IP Reports: Fixed a bug which was affecting a few SIDs
  • VVN Routing Snapshots: Fixed a bug affecting downloading the XML of some snapshots


21st May 2015

  • Health Checks: Fixed a bug with the health check reports which meant that some records were not displayed
  • Services: The default view for the services overlay is now to show all services which are not ceased.
  • User Manager: Messages for Unlocking User and Resetting User have been made clearer
  • Requests: Ceased services have been hidden when raising a Request ticket


20th May 2015

  • Services: The ticket status is now displayed when a ticket is open against a service.
  • Accounts: It is now possible to unlock users from the User Manager page and to reset their pass-phrase/security question.
  • Tickets:  We have made several enhancements to Incident and Request tickets to provide better validation and restrict some of the options to increase the user experience
  • IP Reports: We are now informing users that a service (SID) is ceased under IP Reports when selecting a ceased service and we will continue working on removing ceased services from My Services in general.


11th May 2015

  • Login: We’ve enhanced our login screen to provide you a direct link to Frequently Asked Questions page.  
  • Tickets: We’ve revamped the Request ticket list so that  the widget now displays tickets without service IDs (this feature is only available for select products and services)
  • Invoices: The Invoices overlay (Products à Orders à Invoices) has been improved to increase security and optimize performance
  • Tickets: Incidents and Orders have been enriched to provide greater stability security