How to use IP Reports to monitor VDC networks

How to activate IP Reports for a VDC Direct Connect network
How to launch IP Reports



IP Reports is a service running in the My Services portal which allows you to monitor the status of virtual networks running on Interoute's 'backbone' network. Data are available for traffic, availability and lost or failed packets.

It is possible to use IP Reports to monitor networks in Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC), for Private Direct Connect (also known as 'MPLS IPVPN') and Public Direct Connect (also known as 'IPAC') networks. 'Local' networks cannot be used with IP Reports.

How to activate IP Reports for a VDC Direct Connect network

You can check if a network is already activated to use IP reports by opening the details page for the network. That is, click Network in the main menu of VDC Control Centre to bring up a list of deployed networks. Then click the network name. You will see an icon like the following, if IP reports is activated:

If you don't see this icon, you should instead see this message displayed at the bottom of the properties window: "IP Reporting can be configured for this network by raising a Request ticket. Click here to raise a ticket":

Local networks cannot be monitored by IP Reports and so you will not see this message for Local networks.

To raise a ticket, simply follow the link provided. You need to know the SID, that is 'service identifier', for your VDC account. This will look something like 'INUE0/VDCC/145678' where 'INUE0' is a user ID and 'VDCC' is the code for a VDC account (you may see other SIDs with code VDCZ, these are not what you need). You should be able to find the SID by clicking Orders in the My Services Products menu. Alternatively, the SID input box will search for SIDs associated with your Interoute accounts: if you start typing 'VD' or 'VDCC' in the input box the whole SID should pop up as a completion. Click the SID to select it into the input box, then click Add. The SID should now appear in a list as a 'Selected Service'.

In the details of the request ticket, you should include the VDC name for the network, the VDC ID, and (if you see one listed in the network details), the value for the network SID.

You will receive emails from the Interoute Support team informing you of the progress of your ticket. You can check the status of your ticket at any time by contacting Interoute Support. For general information about the support process, see How to get support for VDC.

It can take up to 24 hours for a VDC network to be connected to IP Reports.

How to launch IP Reports

When you click the IP Reports icon for a network in VDC the screen focus will shift to the IP Reports window, with a display of the network performance data:

IP Reports has comprehensive help information built-in; click to the Home page to see this.

Networks already viewed in IP Reports will be stored in the 'history' list or can be tagged as a 'favourite' (up to 10 networks). Either way, this means that you can directly launch IP Reports for a VDC network that you have viewed, without having to go via the VDC Control Centre.


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