How to access your VM using the console

Opening a view of the virtual machine console
Using the console window
Virtual machine administrator/root user passwords



You can access the console of a VM in Virtual Data Centre by using the Virtual Machines panel of the VDC Control Centre.

The virtual machine console is the primary interface to the VM. In simple terms, it is the cloud computing equivalent to logging in directly using the screen and keyboard of the physical computer hardware, rather than through a network connection.

Note: Some Linux VM templates (for example, CoreOS Container Linux) have login mode disabled and cannot be accessed via the console window. For these, you need to use an SSH connection and key-based authentication.

Opening a view of the virtual machine console

In the VDC Control Centre, click Virtual Machines in the left-hand menu. This shows you a list of the virtual machines in your Virtual Data Centre.

To open a view of the console for a VM, click on the name of the VM and, in the Details sub-panel, click the View console button: .

The console view will open in a new window of your browser. The following screenshot shows the top part of a Windows 2012 Server console view.

It is not possible to view the console of a stopped VM, and therefore the View console button does not appear.

The form of the console interface may be a command line terminal or a graphical interface, depending on the operating system which is running on the VM. Usually you will have a terminal for a Linux VM. You can install a graphical interface (for example, Gnome) in a Linux VM if you wish.

Using the console window

The console window runs independently of the VDC Control Centre, and remains active when you logout of the Control Centre. Using the console is for the most part like working with a standard Linux terminal or Windows Server interface. There are three extra buttons at the top of the console window:

  • Ctrl-Alt-Del: Clicking this button causes a "Ctrl-Alt-Del" instruction to be sent to the VM console (the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination on your own computer keyboard will only send an instruction to the computer that you are working on). In Windows, you use this key for the usual purposes.


    Clicking Ctrl-Alt-Del in a Linux VM console may cause an immediate reboot of your VM without any confirmation step.


  • Ctrl-Esc: In a Windows console, this button is a toggle which causes the Windows Task Manager (otherwise known at the Start Menu) to open or close.

  • Keyboard: Clicking this button allows you to select the keyboard mapping, either Standard (US) Keyboard, UK Keyboard, Japanese Keyboard or French Keyboard.

Virtual machine administrator/root user passwords

For all of the standard virtual machine templates provided by Interoute a random password for the administrator/root user is generated at the creation of the VM and this appears in a pop-up window. Make a note of this password, as you cannot find it through the Control Centre. If you lose this password, or need to change it for any reason, you can generate a new password by clicking the Reset password button in the Details sub-panel for the VM. Password reset only operates when the VM is stopped.

For other templates there may be a random password, or a default password set from the template. If you need to know the default password for a template provided by Interoute, please contact LiveChat or Interoute support. When there is a default password, the Reset password button will have no effect.

Default passwords are usually public information. You must change the admin/root password at your earliest opportunity.


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