General features of the VDC Control Centre


There are a few general features and functions of the VDC Control Centre which it is useful to know how to use: Quickview icons, navigation breadcrumbs, and how to refresh the interface.


The layout of the VDC Control Centre

The Control Centre interface is divided into three areas:

  • the menu on the left, which gives you access to panels for controlling the different types of resources;
  • the panel display area on the right;
  • the navigation breadcrumbs line above the panel display area.



In many panels, such as Instances, you will find a plus sign () next to each resource in a list. This is the 'Quickview' icon. If you hover over this with the mouse, a pop-up will appear that contains summary information about the resource, and buttons for the most commonly-used functions associated with that resource:

Using the Quickview it is easy to quickly skim through the content of a list of resources.


Navigation breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs navigation helps you to move around the different levels of the controls in a panel. For example, working with network configurations involves several levels:

Network - Guest networks    Net-Milan    IP Addresses [Source NAT]    Port Forwarding

The final (blue) item shows your current location, and you can click any of the grey items to return to that location.


Refreshing the interface

For jobs that take an extended period of time, such as creating a VM or creating a volume snapshot, you may need to refresh the interface to update the job status.

Some panels have a Refresh button, otherwise, you need to navigate away from the current panel view (for example using the breadcrumbs) and come back to it.

Do not use the browser 'reload page' command as this will reset your VDC connection.




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