User Management

Access to the User Manager requires permission. This can be controlled in the Profiles section of the User Manager. For a guide on how to manage profiles click here.


Click User Manager in User Account menu to open the User Manager overlay.

Figure 1: Opening User Manager (click to enlarge)


Figure 2: User Manager overlay (click to enlarge)


In the Users tab it is possible to:

  • Add a user
  • Search and sort users by fields
  • Edit or Delete a user
  • Deactivate a user
  • Unlock a user
  • Reset user details



Adding a user

  • Click on the New User button to open the Add New User dialogue.

Figure 3: New User button (click to enlarge)


  • Enter the details of the user.
  • Finally, click the Add User button to save the new user.

Please note that the username will automatically become the email address for new users.

Figure 4: Add New User diaglog (click to enlarge)



Note: when an existing user is added to any account, My Services sends a confirmation email to the user. That user does not appear in the users list until the request is confirmed.

Figure 5: Message after adding an existing user (click to enlarge)



Searching and sorting users

  • Use the search function to find a user by their name or email address.
  • Look up users by first name using the letters across the top of the overlay.
  • Click on the column headings to sort profiles by their Name, Email, Profile or Status.

Figure 6: Searching and sorting users (click to enlarge)



Editing a user

  • Click the Edit icon.
  • Change the details of the users, including switching the type of profile if needed.
  • Click the Save Changes button to finish editing the user.

Figure 7: Edit User dialog (click to enlarge)



Other operations

Figure 8:  User manager operations (click to enlarge)


Deactivating a user

Click Deactivate to restrict the user from accessing My Services.


Deleting a user

Click the Delete icon to delete an existing user.


Unlocking a user

Click the Unlock button to unlock a user.

Note: a user gets locked after entering incorrect credentials 3 times in a row or if they don't log in for more than 6 months. The unlock icon only appears if the user is locked.


Resetting a user

Click the Reset icon to reset the passphrase and security questions of a user.

When a user's passphrase and security questions are reset, My Services sends a confirmation email to the user. User details are not reset until the request is confirmed.

Figure 9: Reset Passphrase message (click to enlarge)





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