Profile Management

Access to the User Manager requires permission. Find out more about permission by reading this guide.

As standard the Default template is automatically created in your account. This profile enables the user to access all services and functions.


Click User Manager in User Account menu to open the User Manager overlay.

Figure 1: User Manager (click to enlarge)


 Click on the Profiles tab.

Figure 2: Profiles (click to enlarge)

In the Profiles tab it is possible to:

  • Create a new profile
  • Search for profiles or sort them by fields
  • Edit a profile
  • Delete a profile
  • Assign users to a profile


Creating a new profile

Click on the New Profile button to open the Add Profile dialog.

Figure 3: New Profile button (click to enlarge)


  • Set the Name and the Description of the profile to anything you like, these fields are only used for your information.
  • Set permissions for each Area by ticking the corresponding boxes or copying the permission from another profile by selecting it in the dropdown.
  • Click on the Save button to Save the new profile.

Note: a user requires View permission to User manager and Services to be able to raise an incident or request ticket.

Figure 4: Adding profile (click to enlarge)

Searching and sorting profiles


  • Use the search function to find a profile by their name or email address.
  • Click on the column headings to sort profiles by their Name or Description.
Figure 5: Searching and sorting profiles (click to enlarge)

Editing a profile 

  • Click the Edit icon.

Figure 6: Edit profile icon (click to enlarge)
  • Change the details of the profile, including changing permissions if needed.
  • Click the Save button to finish editing the profile.

Figure 7: Edit Profile dialog (click to enlarge)

Deleting an existing profile

Click the Delete icon to delete an existing profile.

Figure 8: Delete button (click to enlarge)

Assigning users to a profile

Click the Users icon to open the Assign users to profile dialog.

Figure 9: Users button (click to enlarge)


  • Select a user in the Available Users list.
  • Click the assign (>) button.
  • Click on the Save button to save the Assigned Users list.

Note: it is possible to filter Available Users by their name. 

Figure 10: Assigning users to profile dialog (click to enlarge)





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