Introduction to My Services

This tutorial will show you how to log in and use main features of My Services.


Accessing My Services

To access My Services go to

Figure 1. My Services Login page (click to enlarge)


To log in, use your Username, Password and Passphrase.

If it is your first time logging in, you will be redirected to the Initial Account Setup page. Here you need to set up Passphrase, which should be 8 characters long and can consist of letter or numbers. In addition, you need to create three Security questions, in case you forget your password or passphrase. You will not be asked to do this again later.

Figure 2. Initial Account Setup page (click to enlarge)


If you have multiple accounts you will be redirected to the Select Account page. Here you have to select one of the accounts you are associated with by typing in the desired account name (usually the same as the Business Name of your company).

Figure 3. Select account page (click to enlarge)


After selecting an account or if you do not have multiple accounts, you will be redirected to the main dashboard.

Figure 4. Dashboard (click to enlarge)



Adding new tiles

To add a new tile, click on the Add Tile button at the bottom of the page and then select a tile.

Figure 5. Available tiles (click to enlarge)



Resizing tiles

To resize tile click and drag the lower right corner of the tile.

Figure 6. Resizing the tile. (click to enlarge)

Figure 7. Resized tile (click to enlarge)



Rearranging tiles

To change the position of a tile, press the tile header and drag the tile to any desired position on the dashboard.

Figure 8. Rearranging tiles (click to enlarge)

Figure 9. Rearranged tiles (click to enlarge)



Setting the refresh rate of a tile

To set the refresh rate of a tile select the Tools icon in the upper right corner of a tile then select User settings. It is then possible to enter a refresh rate for that tile.

Figure 10. Refreshing tile rate (click to enlarge)



Adding new tabs

Each tab can be customised to your needs and can consist of any tiles. To add a new tab, click on the Plus icon next to the dashboard header.

Figure 11. Adding new tabs (click to enlarge)



Renaming existing tabs

If you want to rename an existing tab click the Edit icon, then enter your desired name and click Save.

Figure 12. Renaming existing tab (click to enlarge)



Rearranging tabs

To rearrange tabs simply press the desired tab and drag it to the left or right and release it in the desired position.

Figure 13. Re-arranging tabs (click to enlarge)



Navigating via the Menu

You can navigate through menu items by hovering over them.

Figure 14. Navigating via the Menu (click to enlarge)




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Interoute's Awards

UK Cloud Awards 2016
Best Cloud Service Provider at the UK Cloud Awards 2016

Gartner Magic Quadrant
2017 Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting, Europe
2016 Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting, Europe

Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant
Leader in Gartner's Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant, Europe

IT Europa European IT & Software Excellence Award
2015 Managed Service Solution of the Year for Interoute Virtual Data Centre

ECO Internet Award
2014 Carrier/ISP Winner for Interoute One Bridge

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2014 Best pan-European Wholesale Carrier
2013 Best European Product/Service Interoute SmartPoint

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