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This post is the fifth in a series about using the Virtual Data Centre API. I develop a simple dashboard widget to dynamically display the CPU loading of virtual machines in a virtual data centre, using two of Python's standard libraries, Tkinter and Matplotlib.
The Technical Data Sheet details the technical functions, parameters and limits of version 2.0 of the Interoute Virtual Data Centre service. You can download the document as a PDF.
What orchestration software are you using? What most people are actually asking is which club are you a member of?
My father in law recently asked if I could upgrade his computer. Simple enough - the low risk, low support option is an iMac. What could be easier?
The Interoute team spent an interesting time at the PyCon UK conference in Coventry (19-22 September). It was good to be amongst a friendly and expert crowd of Python enthusiasts. It was also inspiring to see so much going on with Python being used in UK schools.
Interoute is loaded with fibre and as you may have noticed we have 60,000km of the stuff lit across...
As consumers, our demand for a reliable and steady user experience has become increasingly important.  Lag annoys gamers, slow streaming irks Netflix viewers, and crashing apps...
ange how some things come to mind at seemingly irrelevant times. We are hurtling toward the 15th anniversary of Y2K and the much feared Millenium Bug. So why has...
In this blog I want to reiterate how easy it is to use the VDC Control Centre to create a Virtual Machine with Internet access. Alongside a video...
Reduced cost, flexibility and stability. The basics benefits of cloud computing are crucial to tech startups, who live and die by the speed of their infrastructure...


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UK Cloud Awards 2016
Best Cloud Service Provider at the UK Cloud Awards 2016

Gartner Magic Quadrant
2017 Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting, Europe
2016 Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting, Europe

Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant
Leader in Gartner's Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting Magic Quadrant, Europe

IT Europa European IT & Software Excellence Award
2015 Managed Service Solution of the Year for Interoute Virtual Data Centre

ECO Internet Award
2014 Carrier/ISP Winner for Interoute One Bridge

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2014 Best pan-European Wholesale Carrier
2013 Best European Product/Service Interoute SmartPoint

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2014 Data Centre Innovation


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