Transforming for Success in a Changing World

Matthew Finnie - 11 July 17

Technology planning for the enterprise has changed. It’s no longer about placing a bet on the next five years. It’s about making a decision for today while designing for change tomorrow. After all, the only thing you can guarantee is that you’ll need to change sooner than you think. And you’ll need to change fast. In some ways this is nothing new. Change has always been a sign of a thriving company. In today’s world, it’s no longer a choice. It might just be the only way to survive. Each organisation and its objectives for change are different. Businesses are looking to fend off disruption, create competitive advantage through innovation, get closer to their customers and optimise IT for cost and efficiency. 

Transforming for success in a changing world is relentless. Each company’s technology journey will need to navigate budgetary squeezes, provide the agility to change at a moment’s notice and deliver quick wins that drive measurable improvement. Vitally, technology must deliver freedom rather than handcuff an organisation to a specific vendor or historical infrastructure choice. There is an increasing recognition that the old and new must be intertwined and a two-tier (or bi-modal) digital transformation strategy be adopted. We may be moving to a cloud-first world, but it’s not cloud always. We know that 73% of UK enterprises have stressed the importance of full integration between the cloud and network, but a pragmatic view of cost, value and benefit must be maintained. To achieve this companies must seek to balance flexibility, performance and security with an understanding that the successful path to a digital future entails building on, not abandoning, the heritage of their past.

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