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This post is the first in a series about using the Virtual Data Centre API. The stress here is on exploring ideas and possibilities, using simple programming tools. Hopefully these articles will give some insights into getting more out of your use of Interoute VDC. In this first post I will talk about the idea of an 'API'; how the VDC API relates to the VDC; and we will make a start on API programming, using Cloudmonkey, a 'command line' tool that offers a particularly easy way to learn about the VDC API.
Interoute Virtual Data Centre enables our users to create a geographically distributed cloud environment between all of our interconnected global locations. This makes avoiding data loss simple and cost effective. One way to do this is to set up SQL mirroring between two VDC locations.
Why would the owner of the biggest backbone network and most distributed cloud platform in Europe open up a zone for its IaaS platform in the US? Quite simply because….. it is the owner of the biggest backbone network in Europe and the most distributed cloud platform in Europe! Naturally, this all has to make sense to users; if the prior facts do not translate into tangible benefit then all of this is meaningless hype. The fact is it does make sense, on two counts.
The word cloud and phrase cloud computing are common enough, so common in fact that it is treated like we all agree on what it means. The trouble with this is, however, that many make a tacit presumption that is simply misleading.
Don’t look now but hackathons are cropping up in most of the world’s tech hubs on a nearly ever present basis. The concept should be simple: get a group of coders and developers in a room, divide into teams, start hacking, and (usually) 24 hours later, present what the group came up with.
Treestle-LiquiD Based in Rotterdam, Treestle has created an all-new DNS server called LiquiD that combines load balancing and DDOS protection. Compatible with public, private, and hybrid cloud environments, LiquiD is a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes.   Tax Advice for SaaS entrepreneurs in the EU
  Twitter Introduces Media-Rich User Profiles Improvements to Twitter’s user profiles will help contribute to the growing importance of dynamic and engaging material on the social media channel.  
When people talk about the ‘cloud,’ they often refer to large scale IT operations that are only relevant to big companies and organisations. As cloud users all over the world become more sophisticated and skilled, there is a tendency among some cloud providers to make things more complicated than they need to be.
The EU online gambling industry is really bringing home the bacon. It’s estimated to be worth up to €84.9 billion a year with around 6.8 million customers across Europe. Investment in technology is being ramped up in order to deliver the secure, fast connectivity customers have come to expect and to compete with the big gaming brands emerging from the US, Japan and South Korea.


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