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Network is often the neglected part of the cloud computing equation. Yet the latency and throughput of the cloud provider's network will usually be a determining factor for the viability of the cloud-based application that you wish to design. The independent analyst, Cloud Spectator, has evaluated the network performance of Interoute Virtual Data Centre against several other global cloud providers.
Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) gives you the simplicity of the public cloud, but with the security of a private cloud. You can deploy an enterprise-grade virtualised IT platform in minutes, use it for as little as an hour, and scale it to serve millions of users. So what can you do with VDC and where should you start?
Interoute VDC's integrated global private networks provide a basis for rapid and secure replication of data between zones, for backup and disaster recovery purposes. In this post I will demonstrate how to clone running virtual machines as templates. This supports the creation of cold or warm standby environments in secondary VDC zones.
One of the most striking cloud news stories this week has been Verizon’s decision to shut-down its Public Cloud by April 12, and in the process telling customers they’ll need to clear off and find an alternative provider before all data is deleted. Many may and will say that the shut down is an inevitable consequence of the inability to compete with hyper-scale providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure with a similar offering. No doubt there is some truth in that and Verizon’s conclusion that its focus is now on a “Virtual Private Cloud” which, it says, “provides the cost effectiveness of a multi tenant public cloud but includes added levels of configuration, control and support” is of no surprise to anyone, least of all us here at Interoute. 
The recent ruling from the European Commission regarding the Safe Harbour agreement has raised significant questions not only about data privacy, but importantly its location. With regard to your own company's data, it’s perhaps time to take a more strategic look at both by whom and where your data is served.
Network map is a new function in Interoute Virtual Data Centre which produces a visual view of the networks and attached virtual machines in a VDC account.
The Virtual Data Centre API gives you a means to control all of the elements of the Interoute VDC platform. You can write simple programs to manage and automate VDC, and create new, customised interfaces for different purposes. This blog post reviews some of the tools and utilities available for working with the VDC API.
'Network API' is a continuing project at Interoute to create an API-driven interface which makes an increasing range of Interoute's network services available to users of Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC), the company's IaaS cloud computing platform. This blog introduces the types of public and private networks currently available in VDC, and some typical use cases.
Businesses are told to 'go digital' and quickly embrace technological change, yet the reality is that most IT departments must innovate while continuing to maintain an established IT estate that cannot evolve at the same pace. The key to technical transformation is to establish a bimodal model of IT (Gartner's Mode 1 and Mode 2) as a basis for rewewal, consolidation and integration of old and new. Interoute Virtual Data Centre is a cloud platform which is more than just another cloud platform. It is an enabler of change, allowing businesses to transform and build for the future.
E-commerce can improve revenues for all businesses irrespective of their size or market. Interoute's IaaS public cloud service, Virtual Data Centre, can be used to deploy an e-commerce solution that can satisfy requirements for scalability, security, and responsiveness for users. There are no charges for network data transfers, which means that Virtual Data Centre is a very competitive offering for the network-intensive demands of e-commerce.


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