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Applications are evolving from ‘just’ supporting important business functions to being business critical enablers in themselves, facilitating everything from employee collaboration and customer engagements to asset management and recruitment. 
By Maurice Woolf, General Counsel, Interoute The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the EU’s upcoming data protection law. With less than six months until the regulation comes into effect, businesses are busy making sure that they are GDPR-compliant, but what about third-party suppliers – including cloud service providers (CSPs)?
Not so long ago, networks supporting corporate functions were clearly separated from the internet. Today, the rapid rise in enterprise services accessed through the Internet has muddied the waters. Enterprise networks are now expected to support business critical internet traffic, as well as the traffic inside the corporate perimeter, simply to allow staff to do their work.
Technology planning for the enterprise has changed. It’s no longer about placing a bet on the next five years. It’s about making a decision for today while designing for change tomorrow. After all, the only thing you can guarantee is that you’ll need to change sooner than you think. And you’ll need to change fast. In some ways this is nothing new. Change has always been a sign of a thriving company. In today’s world, it’s no longer a choice. It might just be the only way to survive
You won’t be surprised to hear that as a CTO I have a degree in Engineering – Electrical & Electronic to be precise. I started life in semi-conductor design, moved onto software, the early days of the internet, VOIP and then to Interoute.
This year’s Cloud Expo in New York took place over 3 days and attracted a variety of speakers and delegates from around the world.  As part of his speaker session, ‘Bringing together the Power of technology’, William Morrish – VP Commercial Operations spoke about how successful enterprises have adopted a digital transformation strategy and improved business agility.
On Saturday I was privileged to be hosting some key customers and partners, as a guest of UEFA's ICT team at the Champions League final in Cardiff.
If you’re going to be at Cloud Expo in New York this June we look forward to connecting with you.
Not a day goes by without BREXIT and TRUMP dominating the headlines as the government, media and much of the UK population discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. In fact it’s hard not to become distracted and confused by the uncertainty surrounding the future of politics and business.   


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