6 IT headaches SD-WAN helps relieve

Mike Rivers - 25 September 17

Not so long ago, networks supporting corporate functions were clearly separated from the internet. Today, the rapid rise in enterprise services accessed through the Internet has muddied the waters. Enterprise networks are now expected to support business critical internet traffic, as well as the traffic inside the corporate perimeter, simply to allow staff to do their work.

Traditional network designs typically delivered applications from a central data centre, with low latency to each site. However, as applications moved to the cloud, traffic would take an indirect route, resulting in poor performance. Especially in Europe, enterprises face the challenge of many cloud services being delivered from other continents, meaning increased latencies and a frustrating experience for users. For the CIO this can also involve national challenges around data jurisdiction, business bandwidth access, pricing and quality. Fortunately, networking technology has evolved to tackle this challenge.

In my work with our customers, including many early adopters of SD-WAN, I’ve seen 6 common business challenges that this technology can help resolve well. 

1)     “I need my new and old IT to co-exist rather than live in silos.”

2)     “I need my network to support our cloud first strategy.”

3)     “I need more bandwidth for less money.”

4)     “I need secure, reliable and compliant networking in a cloud world.”

5)     “I need to support our M&A strategy and integrate lots of offices quick!”

6)     “I need to simplify how I support our sprawling number of offices.”

The solution to all these issues which are caused by a diversity of compute infrastructure is to optimise for a common factor: The network.

As IT and applications today are often much more geographically diverse than their user base, SD-WAN is helping make business networks simpler for the IT department to configure and control. It also offers more variability in costs and access points, without sacrificing performance.

The new flexibility SD-WAN offers is fundamentally helping to shift the understanding of network to being a fully configurable business enabler.

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