Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

What is the remote console protocol for accessing a virtual machine?

For a Linux VM, you need an SSH terminal client. For a Windows VM, you need a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client.

How do I confirm that my virtual machine is running and available?

In the VDC Control Centre, the VM Instances panel shows the state (running or stopped) of all of your VMs. Click the name of a VM to show detailed information. Click the Console button to make a login to the VM.

Can I add more memory to my virtual machine?

Yes. For a stopped VM, you can change the CPU and RAM service offering to any available offering. For a running VM, a RAM allocation can only be increased. There is a limitation for Linux 64-bit machines: a running VM with initial RAM 512 MB or 1 GB can be expanded upwards only as far as 2 GB.

Can I make my virtual machines persistent?

VMs are persistent by default. A stopped VM holds its storage and network configuration ready to be re-started. A VM must be destroyed to be removed from the system (which also removes any VM snapshots).

Can I manage my virtual machine templates?

In the VDC Control Centre, the Templates panel gives you controls to view your own templates and those provided by Interoute. You can upload your own templates. New templates can be created from root volume snapshots.

Is it possible to download a virtual machine template from the Interoute CloudStore?

Yes. Many general OS types are available from the CloudStore, as well as special server solutions from our partner providers.

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