What are snapshots and how do I use them?

Snapshots are copies of storage volumes, captured at a moment in time. Snapshots can be used for different purposes including: backup and system/data restoration, data archiving, and creating custom VM templates. See How to take a snapshot of a volume.

Is adding RAID protection advisable?

VDC's physical storage is RAID-configured to provide fault tolerance in the event of drive failure. The RAID configuration also natively spreads data across multiple spindles to maximize performance. You can choose to add OS-level RAID to your storage volumes but this is not necessary for fault tolerance.

How do I access the storage volume within Windows?

The external storage volume must be configured and formatted before use. Within Windows Server, navigate to Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager, and then select "Disk Management".

Can I resize a storage volume?

A detached volume can be expanded, but cannot be reduced in size.

What tiers of external block storage (EBS) are available?

There are three available tiers of external storage for customer use. Unprotected, Protected and Mirrored (or 'Protected (Offsite)'). The Protected tier holds snapshots of the volume within the data centre while the Mirrored tier holds snapshots both within the data centre and copied to an additional data centre offsite.

What external storage volumes can I add?

External Block Storage (EBS) can be created in any size (whole number value) between 10 GBytes and 2000 GBytes.

What type of storage is used by Interoute VDC?

We are using an enterprise-class solution with a mixture of SATA, SAS and SSD drives. Drive types and performance are not configurable by the customer. In the future, the VDC will offer high performance storage.

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