Can I encrypt my data?

Yes, at your own choice and responsibility. If you choose to encrypt at the OS level you may need to increase the number of CPUs in your VM to maintain performance.

I don't want a firewall as I don't need one, is this possible?

Firewalls are automatically enabled to protect your VDC networks and VMs from intruders. However, you can easily configure the ports of your firewall to be as open as you like to the external internet. Alternatively, you can set up a VPN connection from your home location to your VDC which tunnels through any firewalls.

How do you secure my data from others?

Interoute VDC is built on Interoute's self-owned MPLS-based fibre network. This allows us to implement a trusted and efficient MPLS VPN security model to protect our customer's data.

How does VDC comply with PCI-DSS, SAS 70 and ISO?

Interoute's physical data centres are fully compliant with these security standards.

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