How do I make connections between different VMs in my VDC?

This can be as simple as attaching your VMs to the same network and using standard port inter-connections. Please consult the VDC LiveChat team for further help.

Is there a way to establish remote access to a VM through the VDC Control Centre?

Yes. Use the console button in the VM's configuration panel.

How do I access my VDC virtual machines from my corporate network?

You can access VDC virtual machines over the internet (with a configured firewall), or by setting up a VPN, or an MPLS VPN.

How many network interfaces can a VM have?

You can have up to 7 virtual interfaces on an ESXi hypervisor. If you add more than this your virtual machine will not start until you remove the additional interfaces.

Can I change the (private) IP address of a virtual machine once it has been created?

Yes. You will need to stop the VM first, then make the configuration change.

How many public IP addresses are available with my account?

Each VDC account is setup with 3 public IP addresses per region by default. Additional addresses can be provided - please request to Interoute Customer Support.

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