How is cloud different from traditional managed hosting?

Cloud services like Interoute VDC provide compute and storage on a shared data centre infrastructure. The advantage is scalability on demand, and Interoute's global network of data centres ensures that our cloud capacity is close to where our customers need it. Interoute's expertise in managed solutions means that we can offer cloud resources on both a monthly contract or a pay-as-you-go utility basis. VDC uses Interoute's self-owned secure MPLS fibre network and data centres, providing the same level of security and monitoring as traditional Managed Hosting or Co-location solutions.

What is a virtual machine (VM)?

A virtual machine is a software implementation of a machine that executes programs like a physical machine. It is an independently installable run-time entity comprising an operating system, applications and other application-specific data.

What is a virtual data centre (VDC)?

A Virtual Data Centre is an abstraction of a physical data centre. It offers the same infrastructure (network, storage and compute) in a virtualised environment; it offers Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The infrastructure is available on demand, highly scalable and you only pay for what you use

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