Backup and recovery

Backup and recovery

What tools are available to support disaster recovery?

Interoute VDC has a range of services and tools for you to implement different disaster recovery strategies, whether these are of the simpler 'backup and restore' type, or more complex multi-zone solutions with failover. NETWORK TOOLS (1) Interoute has 11 zones (data centres) in Europe (plus 2 zones in the USA and 1 in Asia), inter-connected through a fibre backbone that is entirely owned and operated by Interoute. (2) Free data transfers between all zones are offered to all VDC customers; we do not limit the amount of free transfer, subject to a fair use policy. (3) Interoute's European network has best-in-class latency rates. (4) Secure MPLS VPN network connections between zones are offered for free to all VDC customers. STORAGE TOOLS (5) Convenient EBS storage for VMs is available with the enhanced security of 'protected' (backed-up in same zone) and 'mirrored' (also known as 'protected offsite', backed up in a different zone) tiers. COMPUTE TOOLS (6) Templates: upload your own personal library of templates and ISO images as a basis for the deployment of VMs. (7) Snapshots: you have full control of functions to make copies of EBS storage volumes, and virtual machine states. (8) You can create 'clone master' templates of your actual VMs from snapshots; use these to streamline VM cluster deployments, enabling faster re-starts in the event of failures. API PROGRAMMING TOOLS (9) VDC has a comprehensive REST-like API which puts all of the user interface functionality into programmatic form, enabling the scripting and automation of deployment, configuration, scaling, etc. (the API is compatible with all of the commonly-used programming environments: Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, etc)

What are the different types of snapshots and how should I use them?

A volume snapshot is a copy of a storage volume, captured at a point in time. Snapshots can be taken manually, or as recurring snapshots taken automatically at scheduled intervals, ranging from hourly to monthly. To make use of the data in a snapshot, you can convert it to a data volume, and attach the volume to a VM in order to access the archived data; a root volume (that is, VM operating system) snapshot can also be converted to a template, which can be used to create new VMs. A VM snapshot is a complete image of a VM, taken at one point in time. VM snapshots are recommended only to be used as a 'roll back' backup during a system upgrade, and should be removed afterwards.

Are backups possible?

Interoute VDC gives you complete control over the management of your virtual machines and data. You can perform data management in the Control Centre: there are functions to create snapshots of virtual machines or storage volumes, which can be used as backups. You can transfer data across VDC zones at no cost, which means that you can easily distribute your data geographically for backup purposes.

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