LAPP Deployment 8.4.17


LAPP Deployment puts control in your hands by allowing you to create and manage databases with the help of PHP, Python, Ruby, Apache and PostgreSQL.

The JumpBox for LAPP Deployment is a great utility system that allows you to easily deploy applications where a tailored JumpBox may not exist. It contains Apache and PostgreSQL plus PHP, Perl, Ruby and Python along with PHPPgAdmin to help you manage the database. Using the JumpBox for LAPP Deployment you can easily deploy many popular PHP applications as well as CGI based Perl, Ruby and Python applications. 

Application Version: LAPP Deployment 8.4.17 

JumpBox Version: 1.8.1

Technical Specifications

Minimum Requirements: 1 vCPU (up to 4 supported) 512MB RAM

Technical Support

Support for this appliance is available via the JumpBox Community:





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