Endian UTM


Endian has changed the network security landscape by providing a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution with a unique management experience: deploy quickly, manage easily and stay flexible.

Endian is the leading provider of open source network security solutions. Thousands of networks worldwide are already secured by the EndianUnified Threat Management (UTM) product family, which delivers secure communication and enables protection against malicious Internet threats. The Endian UTM Cloud security gateway product family features easy-to-use “all in one” security to deliver maximum protection against data theft, viruses, spyware, spam and other Internet threats. Endian features an easy to use web interface, simple VPN setup (IPsec & Open VPN) and an automatic upgrade process. The Endian package includes email support, web filters and antivirus technology.


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Technical Specifications

Endian offers one of the most complete security solutions in market. Features include: Stateful Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Web Content & Antivirus Filtering, Email Spam & Antivirus Filtering, VPN (IPSec & Open VPN), Routing (Static & Policy-Based), Multi-WAN with Failover, Quality of Service (QoS), Logging & Reporting, Network Address Translation (NAT), BYOD and Wifi Management.You can find a detailed overview of the product features at: http://www.endian.com/products/utm/.

Technical Support

What’s included with Endian Maintenance?

  • Endian Updates: Keep your Endian UTM devices as up-to-date as possible to protect your networks and users from modern day threats. This includes all Endian UTM security services like antivirus, intrusion detection signatures, and URL blacklists (content filtering). Just as importantly, Endian maintenance includes all security updates to every Endian application, so that you can keep the devices protecting your network safe from security vulnerabilities.

  • Endian Upgrades: With Endian Maintenance, you get each and every upgrade and improvement we make to our product and Endian Network makes the deployment to your device(s) as simple as point-and-click.

  • Endian Support: Endian offers highly qualified support services that come along with your security solution, direct contact to the Endian Support via Email or Endian Support Portal is included in your package.





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