SteelApp Std + WAF 9.8r2 10 Mbps


What is a Traffic Manager or Application Delivery Controller (ADC)? 

ADCs are deployed in data centres to optimize application performance, security and resource efficiency by offloading servers, providing deep payload inspection, making best use of complex protocols. Originally deployed for externally-facing Web applications, now used to deliver services for many types of business applications and protocols. Recent developments in software-based and virtual ADC platforms provide more deployment flexibility, especially in cloud services and virtual environments. 

With SteelApp Application Delivery you can realise the benefits of virtualization 

Give your end users a highly available, high-performance experience. This full-featured virtual Layer 7 ADC (application delivery controller) does far more than balance workloads to your enterprise websites and cloud services. It also controls and optimizes end-user services by inspecting, transforming, prioritizing, and routing application traffic. 

  • Make applications more reliable with local and global load balancing

  • Create, manage, and deliver Layer 7 services more quickly and at lower cost

  • Control and optimize end-user services by differentiating and prioritizing application traffic

What is a web application firewall? 

Today’s web applications are under constant threat from attack. A web application firewall protects applications from security threats such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting, keeping critical data safe. 


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Technical Specifications

Your dedicated Brocade Steelapp Virtual Edition. 

Product Details 

Version: 9.8r2 

Features and capabilities

Technical Support

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