Build your own database application with Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre Riak Image, a popular open source Database system.

Riak is a distributed database designed to deliver maximum data availability by distributing data across multiple servers. As long as your Riak client can reach one Riak server, it should be able to write data. While Riak is typically known as an eventually consistent system, beginning with version 2.0 it can be used either as an eventually or strongly consistent system, and these two approaches can be mixed and matched in a single cluster. 

When Riak is used as an eventually consistent system, the data that you want to read should remain available in most failure scenarios, although it may not be the most up-to-date version of that data. When Riak is used as a strongly consistent system, on the other hand, reads will return the most up-to-date version of data, with the drawback that some nodes will be temporarily unavailable to receive writes in certain rare situations. 

Technical Specifications

Your dedicated Riak database server comes with 10GB of storage to get you up and running quickly and easily. You can add more storage at any time.

The minimum requirements to run this server are 4 vCPU and 4GB RAM

Product Details

Version: v2.1.1

Base Operating System

Debian v7.7

Technical Support

Please contact Interoute VDC Support for initial support on this appliance.

Riak is a community supported open source product. See the Resources section below for the community support links. 

If you are interested in 24x7 product support from Basho, please visit http://basho.com/products/riak-kv/ to learn more about our Riak Enterprise product and services. A Riak Enterprise license gives you access to 24x7 customer support desk, architecture and implementation consulting, and Basho developer support.





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