LiquiD AutoScaler Enterprise


LiquiD AutoScaler lets your infrastructure automatically scale with your user base, by adding and deleting spot instances.

It is pre setup and no technical knowledge is required. It enables a fast website/app at any time, without paying for overprovisioning.

LiquiD AutoScaler is an instantly working AutoScaler that provisions the right amount of infrastructure. Based on actual externally measured server performance, it adds or deletes spot instances when pre-­‐set hurdles are reached.

Contrary to most AutoScaler, LiquiD AutoScaler does not scale based on metrics such as CPU usage or RAM, because these are not good metrics for actual website / app performance. Rather, LiquiD AutoScaler monitors your infrastructure as if it were an actual website / app visitor.


Please contact the VDC Support team to redeem your licence key.

Technical Specifications

LiquiD AutoScaler is a preconfigured and VDC integrated AutoScaler that monitors one public IP of a load balancer.

Product Information 

Maximum number of Spots: Unlimited
Monitor Checks per minute: up to 120
Tune it yourself:  yes

Technical Support

Please contact Interoute VDC Support for initial support on this appliance.

Further product support is available:

AutoScaler Enterprise

Support for this appliance is available via the LiquiD website:





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