Enhanced DDoS Protection User Guide

Accessing the DDoS Protection Service from the Interoute Hub

After logging into the Interoute Hub, any DDoS Protection Services are shown in the list of services.
To access DDoS Protection reporting and controls, click on the reports icon next to the DDoS Protection service of interest. 

DDoS Protection status

The initial screen shows a summary of any detected DDoS attacks. Selecting the “Ongoing Mitigations” tab will switch to a summary of any DDoS Migitations that are active.

A graphical summary of traffic usage of the underlying IP transit service is also shown on this page. Note that this is generated using traffic samples from the DDoS traffic analyser system, and so may slightly differ from that shown on other reports in the Hub.

This screen can be returned to by clicking the Status button on the top left from any other part of the DDoS Protection interface.

Setting up DDoS Mitigation

To mitigate a detected DDoS attack in progress, select the attack from the summary screen. This will bring up additional details about the attack.

Click on the Mitigate button on the top right. This will open up an options box:

The Threat Management option needs to be selected (this is the default). Then click on Mitigate. The DDoS Mitigation screen will be shown:

Select Save And Start. DDoS Mitigation will commence after a few seconds. You will then be taken to a Mitigation Summary screen, which summarises any enabled DDoS Mitigations:

You can return to this screen by selecting Mitigation, then Summary from the bar at the top from any screen in the DDoS Protection interface.

Turning off DDoS Mitigation

If an enabled DDoS Mitigation is no longer required, it can be switched off by clicking on a displayed Mitigation on the Mitigation Summary screen, or on the Ongoing Mitigations tab on the main status screen. When a Mitigation is selected, some details are shown along with a number of options. Select Stop in the Summary box, near the top left.