Build your own database application with Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre Couchbase Image, a popular open source Database system.

The most complete, highest performing NoSQL distributed database. 

Couchbase Server is the world’s most complete, scalable, and highest performing NoSQL distributed database. Couchbase has engineered the product to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements for distributed database performance and scalability. In multiple independent benchmarking studies, Couchbase Server has consistently outperformed other popular NoSQL databases -- including MongoDB and DataStax (Cassandra). Couchbase Server’s performance advantages are based on fundamental architectural and design differences compared to other NoSQL databases: 

* Memory centric: Couchbase Server is the only NoSQL database with a memory-centric architecture, designed to take full advantage of available memory and network resources, so it operates at the speed of memory rather than disk -- translating into blazing fast performance 

* Integrated cache: Couchbase Server is the only NoSQL database that integrates a native caching tier and a document-oriented database, eliminating the need to install and manage a separate cache 

* Mobile: Couchbase is the only vendor that offers a native integrated NoSQL mobile solution (Couchbase Mobile), including pre-built data synchronization (Couchbase Sync Gateway) and an embedded database (Couchbase Lite), enabling fast and easy development of mobile apps with online/offline data access 

The Community Edition (CE) is best for non-commercial developers, where taking some time to figure out or resolve issues doesn’t result in major problems. There are no constraints on using these binaries in production systems, but they have not been subjected to the iterative test, fix and verify QA cycle that is a part of the Enterprise Edition release process and do not include the latest bug fixes. Manuals, mailing lists and forums on provide access to the Couchbase user community to help troubleshoot issues and answer questions.

See the Introduction, Administration and What's new in 3.0 guides for more information

Note: Always ensure your operating system is current for your needs.


Technical Specifications

Your dedicated Couchbase Server Community Edition version 3.0.1 comes with 10GB of storage to get you up and running quickly and easily. You can add more storage at any time. 

The minimum requirements to run this server are 4 vCPU and 4GB RAM

Base Operating System

CentOS v6.3

Technical Support

Please contact Interoute VDC Support for initial support on this appliance.

Couchbase Server Community Edition is supported with online documentation.

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