CoreOS Stable


The Stable channel should be used by production clusters. Versions of CoreOS are battle-tested within the Beta and Alpha channels before being promoted.

CoreOS is a new Linux distribution that has been rearchitected to provide features needed to run modern infrastructure stacks.

CoreOS is designed for security, consistency, and reliability. Instead of installing packages via yum or apt, CoreOS uses Linux containers to manage your services at a higher level of abstraction. A single service's code and all dependencies are packaged within a container that can be run on one or many CoreOS machines. 

Linux containers provide similar benefits as complete virtual machines, but focused on applications instead of entire virtualized hosts. Since containers don’t run their own Linux kernel or require a hypervisor, they have almost no performance overhead. The lack of overhead allows you to gain density which means fewer machines to operate and a lower compute spend. 

Note: Always ensure your operating system is kept up to date.

Technical Support

Please contact Interoute VDC Support for initial support on this appliance.

Further product support is available:

Core OS Stable

Support is provided via IRC in #coreos on Freenode and via email on the CoreOS users list: Click here for more information.





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